~ Technique ~

I started to shoot at a time when digital technology was in full swing and digital SLR slowly penetrated among ordinary users. My very first camera was an obsolete compact Canon PowerShot G2. As time went on and I gained experience, I gradually worked with several other models and finally got the first digital full-frame SLR NIKON D3, which I later improved by additional version of D3x. Of course I know that the outputs (although from the full-frame chip) can not be compared with a classic film of medium format, but I believe that there will come time when the balance of both forces will settle. I will gladly wait for that moment.





Furthermore, I am using different tools and „tweaks” although they have nothing to do with photography technique, but without them I can not imagine shooting landscapes: boots, pruning shears, saws, ladder, square „koukátka”, umbrellas etc :-)